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At Lang's Garden Market we do things differently than most Garden Centers...we treat each yard like it's our own!
A product that is unique to Lang's is our hand-carved lava rocks.  These rocks make a unique addition to any yard or garden and will compliment other statuaries that you may have.

At Lang's Garden Market we can deliver and place your hand-carved rock or landscaping boulders.  Visit or call us today to learn more!
Welcome to the world of Container Gardening.  This is a practical way of enjoying the “look” of the botanical world with lots of added bonuses.  With containers they are original and practical.  From the smallest thimble size to the size of… well, lets just say “as big as you want”.  With today’s manufacturing and the handmade pots of the Old World your choices are limitless.

At Lang's Potting Shop we use only the best soil available and always completely replace the old soil.  We use the proper time released fertilization.  We check for proper drainage in the containers.  We may suggest proper companion plants.  We suggest the amount of plants per container.  We will tell you your proper maintenance requirements.  We offer pick-up and delivery service.
Lang's Garden Market
Rt. 9 and West Ave.
Linwood, NJ 08221