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Q:How long have you been in business?
A:We are a second-generation, family owned business that was established in the late 1970's.

Q:What separates Lang's from the "big box stores"?
A.At Lang's Garden Market we pride ourselves on having the best selection and healthiest flowers, plants and shrubs anywhere.  Also, our experienced sales associates along with our staff of Landscape Designers and Landscapers provide a shopping experience that you just don't get at the big box stores.

Q:What areas do you cover with the landscaping service?
A:We have serviced accounts throughout Southern New Jersey with a focus on the Southeastern part of the state.

Q:Do your plants and shrubs carry a warranty?
A:All plants and shrubs carry a 1 year conditional warranty.

Q:Will you repot my plant?
A:Yes, bring in your overgrown houseplant or favorite container shrub.  You can bring your own pot or chose from our large selection of pots and planters.

Q:What size boulders do you offer.
A:We have up to 2 ton boulders in stock.

Q:What region is your natural stone and boulders from?
A:Mainly the Northeast Appellation Region but also throughout the country. 

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Lang's Garden Market
Rt. 9 and West Ave.
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