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Lang's Garden Market
Rt. 9 and West Ave.
Linwood, NJ 08221
Our custom container gardens are a beautiful blend of seasonal plants, natural materials and decorative accents designed to enhance your outdoor setting. We provide a full range of services that includes consultation, custom design, onsite planting, post-installation care, and ongoing support.
                                                        SEASONAL SPECIALTY ~ We custom design wreaths, garlands and other decorative accents that celebrate the winter holidays.                                                               Each item is custom designed to reflect your seasonal theme.

CONSULTATION ~ Our custom container gardens are a blend of art and science - artistically designed & planted with love! Our designers begin with your personal preferences, tastes and lifestyle.  We look at your landscaping, including the colors and textures used, growing conditions, environment, climate and maintenance considerations.

Location, Location, Location!  When we assess your site, we walk around your house and garden and imagine where pots would look best –
front entrance, back patios, terraces and decks, window ledges, vertical spaces and garden focal points.

SOURCE & DESIGN ~ This is where the fun begins! Our containers and plants are carefully chosen for their seasonal character to create a distinctive interplay of color, form, texture, scale and movement. Once we’ve handpicked the best materials for your custom container garden, we create a design that is uniquely yours.

Pots make a difference! Finding the ideal pot for your container garden is as much fun for us as filling it.
Our containers not only do the job but also fit your home and garden style.

INSTALLATION ~ Customization doesn’t end at the design stage!  Our container gardens are planted on-site to ensure they look and feel as though nature intended. The installation includes soil preparation, planting of materials, in season decorative elements, watering, fertilizing and clean up.

MAINTENANCE ~ Regular maintenance is a crucial component in the health and beauty of your container gardens. After installation we will provide you with a carefully developed multi-step protocol and care program to help your custom container gardens flourish under your care.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Our Custom Container department is currently
backlogged until mid June 2018.  Thank you for your patience.